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Afya Mzuri ("good health" in Swahili)

Afya Mzuri (“good health” in Swahili) was registered as a Zambian non-governmental organisation (NGO) in 2003, having been established in 2000 as the DFID-funded Zambia HIV and AIDS Business Sector (ZHABS) program, with an initial mandate to provide technical support to workplace employees on HIV prevention, care and support. Over recent years, Afya Mzuri's mandate has expanded to focus on community-led programmes and on all aspects of health and wellbeing, including maternal and child health, communicable diseases and non-communicable disease management.

The organisation is currently recognised as a leading local implementer and partner in Zambia – in the provision of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials, community mobilisation programmes, and scientifically evidenced health communications tools. Afya Mzuri is also one of the leaders in the delivery of highly effective workplace programmes which respond to the specific needs of any workplace. 

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Our Mission

Afya Mzuri’s mission is to contribute to the Zambian national health response through empowering people and communities to adopt healthy behaviors using innovative and participatory methods 

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Insaka Health Talk

Insaka Health Talk

Insaka Health Talk (2)

Insaka Health Talk (2)


We aim to work towards a sustainable programme within the workplace. This means that we focus on capacity building of well selected key persons to be workplace wellness champions representing all levels of the company.

Dziwani Events 9/18/2017

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Afya Mzuri has re-introduced the ICT skills empowerment trainings, the programme is centered on empowering the young people and the community at large with basic computer skills so as to promote the use of ICT in fight against HIV/AIDS as well as sexual reproductive healthy promotion through ICT.

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Our Services

Workplace Programmes

  • Costing, Planning & implementation of tailored workplace wellness programmes
  • Sustainable behviour change intervations as an intergral part of corporate social responsibility programmes
  • Workplace health & wellness policy development

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Participatory Training Provision

  • Peer education and focal point person training.
  • Training of trainers in REFLECT, stepping stones and Join-In Circuit (JIC) participatory behavior change methodology

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Knowledge Management

  • Baseline KAP survays, HIV prevalence surveys, focus group discussions and health & wellbeing risk assesments in the workplace
  • Documentation and photo-captioning skills training-building workplace capacity to document successes

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