The Afya Mzuri Approach

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”

                                                                                                                                     – Chinese proverb

We aim to work towards a sustainable programme within the workplace. This means that we focus on capacity building of well selected key persons to be workplace wellness champions representing all levels of the company.

To become these Champions they will be trained, tested, coached and kept up-to date on trends and developments in this field to create ownership over the content and implementation of the programme within the same workplace.

Afya Mzuri believes in the power of participation and in encouraging individuals to learn by sharing!

Our Services include:

•   Costing and planning for a sustainable Workplace wellness programme – Afya Mzuri has developed a set of tools designed to assist companies to plan and budget for a workplace programme, as well as assess the potential quantitative outcomes of the investment. This helps companies weigh the actual cost versus the benefits of having a workplace programme.

•   Workplace policy development – Afya Mzuri has tools designed to support workplace policy development and implementation. Technical staff is available to facilitate this process, including implementation and ongoing review.

•   Focal Person and Peer Educator training- Afya Mzuri is able to offer a range of training programmes designed to build the capacity of programme implementers within companies. These include training of peer educators and focal persons as well as internal committees mandated to oversee programme implementation

•   Linkages to Psycho social,-Lay counsellor and ART training through partners

•   KAPB (Knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviour) survey, Focus group discussions and HIV prevalence surveys

•   Health and wellness sessions that raise awareness on desired health issues and effectively sensitise the audience to the topic and how to approach it in their own lives when applicable