Afya Mzuri is highly invested in helping Zambians reach their potential and live healthy lives. The organisation continues to invest in itself to ensure commercial and financial viability while producing consistently high quality deliverables to its clients. Recognizing the importance in developing a strategic plan to ensure long-term excellence, a clear mandate for the organisation's sustainability strategy has been developed which aims at:

  • Creating a high performance culture to ensure the brilliant implementation of our existing programmes
  • Expanding our constitutional mandate to include other areas of health -malaria, TB, nutrition, reproductive health & family planning, mother newborn & child health as well as HIV and AIDS
  • Mobilising unrestricted core funding for investment in the organisation's development
  • Creating a business development process and pipe line of opportunities to avoid periods of 'feast and famine'
  • Diversifying our current donor base to mitigate the risks associated with over-dependence on a single source of funding
  • Nurturing existing partner relationships and establishing new ones at both local and international levels
  • Expanding and consolidating our consultancy services for resource mobilisation, particularly in the areas of workplace programmes, behaviour change training, knowledge management and organisational development
  • Building the organisation's capacity in key support functions–Finance, HR, IT, M&E –through the recruitment of diverse, international volunteers and fellows from GIZ, JICA, Peace Corps, BMZ, Global Health Corps and VSO