Our Vision
To be reconised as Zambia's leading experts in behaviour hange, community empowerment and knowledge management for health
 Our Mission
To contribute to the national health response through empowering people and communities to adopt healthy innovative and participatory approaches 


Our Core Values 

CLIENT FOCUSED: Meeting clients where their needs are

EXCELLENCE: Committing to high performance

GENDER-SENSITIVITY: Addressing cross-cutting gender imbalances

GOOD GOVERNANCE: Practicing accountability, intergrity and transparency

MULTI-CULTURAL: Embracing contributions from all backgrounds

NON-DISCRIMINATORY: Providing equal opportunities to everyone

NON-PARTISAN: Working withing political bias

PARTNERSHIP-FOCUSED: Nurturing long-term relationships

PEOPLE-CENTRED: Enabling people to reach their full potential


Believing that everyone should enjoy the same access to health communications irrespective of their background, status in society, or geographic residence